NAMSA (National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisors)

Why I Qualified for FULL MEMBERSHIP in NAMSA National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisors, Inc. AND Why it is Important to YOU!

  1. Your Medicare Insurance sales representative has completed the requirements and was accorded Full Membership in the National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisors, Inc.

  2. Full Membership in NAMSA is achieved by completing, and passing, two concentrated courses on Medicare and Medicare Supplement educational information. High ethical standards regarding consumer information in these two important areas, is the objective of the member and the National Association.

  3. As a professional member of NAMSA your representative has demonstrated a willingness to achieve educational goals beyond normal insurance industry standards.

  4. This proficiency is necessary at a time when the Medicare Program is, itself, undergoing great change. Consumers, more than ever, are going to require proper explanation and updates regarding existing and continuing changes in Medicare, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Advantage plans. Full NAMSA membership illustrates the ability to achieve these goals for today’s retirees. Your Medicare Supplement representative has qualified in these areas for your benefit.

  5. Included in the membership curriculum are a proficiency and understanding of Medicare “DRG’s” and how they affect the consumer, Medicare appeals processes, an understanding of Medicare’s $1,000 reward process, an explanation of consumer confusion regarding “Skilled Care” and its relationship to Long Term Care, and an understanding of the Home Health Care benefits of Medicare.

  6. Changes in Medicare, Medicare Supplement offerings, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug) benefits, require a great deal of understanding for Medicare recipients. Meeting this need for you is the goal of your representative, and the national NAMSA association.

  7. Medicare is the largest insurance plan in America. Thus, all people involved in every aspect of Medicare need to be informed of the effect the program has, not only on enrollees, but on all of America, and those involved with its impact.

  8. As Medicare grows to an even more incredible size, with the advent of the “boomer” generation, you, the enrollee, as well as the sales representative, must be as up to date as possible with current information regarding Medicare, Medicare Supplement plans, and Medicare Advantage plans. One goal of the national association is to provide the representative with the latest information, so that proper updating can be passed on to you, the client.