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Medicare Part D Supplemental Prescription Drug Changes in 2017

We know the last thing anyone wants to hear is that they are going to be paying more for their current healthcare coverage, but it is important that recipients stay informed and up to date on their Part D Plan benefit changes. 2017 changes to Medi

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medicare 4 everyone low dose ct lung cancer

Medicare Approves Coverage for Lung Cancer Screening with Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT)

It is an exciting time in Medicare's history... Medicare Approves Coverage! The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has completed their investigation and have approved an immediate national coverage fo

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Senior Playgrounds Offer Fitness and Community
January 5, 2017 Comments are off admin

Learn more about Senior Playgrounds in the United States

Senior Playgrounds in the United States Over 75 Million (in 2015) Baby Boomers, are starting to enter their senior years while redefi

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Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MADP)

Between January 1st and February 14th of each year the annual Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period takes place. During this is the 45-day period recipients are able to make certain changes to their current coverage. Any c

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The ABCs of Selecting a Medicare Supplement Plan

Selecting a Medicare supplement plan can seem daunting initially. Just like practically every other health insurance plan known to man, Medicare comes with deductibles and co-pays. And, while original Medicare generally offers good coverage, it also

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July 9, 2016 Comments are off admin

How to choose the best Medigap plan

Wondering how to choose the best Medigap plan? Medigap health plans are basically bookkeeping operations. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap plans don't make any decisions about what to cover. They don't have networks of doctors or hospitals. A

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May 4, 2016 Comments are off admin

Starting Medicare After 65: What You Need to Know

Starting Medicare after 65? We're here to help you learn all you need to know! Understanding Medicare's different parts

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medicare part b premiums increase
March 22, 2016 Comments are off admin

Surprise Medicare Part B premiums increase by 50 percent in 2016

Medicare rules and private insurance plans can affect people differently depending on where they live. To make sure the answers here are as accurate as possible, Phil is working with the State Health Insurance

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January 4, 2016 Comments are off admin

How to Pick a Medigap Policy

More than 10,000 people enroll in Medicare each day, according to the National Council on Aging. If you are getting ready to join these ranks, you may find yourself in the market for a plan to pay

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Successful Retirees Financial Secrets

If you're looking for retirees who are happy with the financial situation, you'll want to review TIAA's "

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